Contemporary Galleries is honored to offer the MLILY product line of mattresses and adjustable bed frames. MLILY products were chosen by us as they are produced in the USA and that they are a vertically integrated manufacturer. This means that they produce all of their products, materials and processes in their own factory. From developing their own patented foams to pouring, handling, curing and cutting, it’s all done on their own machines. This helps quality control as well as pricing.

MLILY is dedicated to the mission of redefining how people sleep. This is one reason MLILY is exclusively endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association (ICA). All of their standard branded products have been independently reviewed by them.

Your mattress may be the most used item with 7-8 hours of daily use. A good night’s sleep is vital to your health and is just as important as nutrition and exercise. Science shows that a cooler room and body temperature deliver better, more restful sleep. All of MLILY’s mattresses are crafted with advanced foams designed to deliver quality sleep by keeping the use cool, while wicking away moisture and fighting odors.

Stop in today and feel the comfort of MLILY all foam mattresses, we think you will love them.