What began over 70 years ago in a tiny workshop in Taufkirchen, Germany just outside of Munich has long since become one of the largest upholstered furniture manufacturers in Europe. himolla stands for chic design with the unmistakable & recognizable style of head designer Tamara Harty. Their furniture is proudly “handcrafted” & has earned a worldwide reputation for top quality & reliability.

For himolla, sofas for living, feeling, sleeping, lounging & reflecting are a real matter of the heart. They create favorite places where you can relax both physically & mentally.

himolla embodies comfort & technical sophistication with innovative & unique features. They have their own in house test laboratory that is a real “torture chamber”. Upholstery must prove its endurance during regular abrasion tests, electronic components are UL Standard 962 certified, seat padding is compressed with a 75kg weight up to 80,000 times to guarantee fitness for purpose along with frame & fitting load tests. These rigorous tests are the only way to test the quality & longevity of the materials that they use for production of their products which results in their special “triple himolla five-year guarantee”.

Their entire product range is available through Contemporary Galleries in a wide selection of the finest leathers & fabrics.

The himolla brand represents high quality products from Bavaria.