Contemporary Galleries is honored to offer MaxDivani upholstered products to its high quality brand lineup. The handcrafted, MaxDivani, product line has been completely created in Italy for over 60 years. Their history began over half a century ago in Altamura, a place that, thanks to its workers’ passion and toil, has been recognized as being the upholstered furniture district of Murgia.

The Made in Italy sofas by Maxdivani are the result of a passionate passing of the baton between designers, engineers, carpenters, blacksmiths and upholsterers. Each person plays a significant role, putting all their creative and operational potential into the company to create a product which has been thoroughly tested to be durable and comfortable, enjoyable and defined, following the tradition but gazing towards the future.

Sharing and making luxury craftsmanship, design, and originality of Made in Italy sofas accessible, without cutting corners on comfort and quality are the challenges that the market has entrusted in them. Their mission is to improve the quality of life of everyone that choses a MaxDivani product.

It has a solid body, built on its 60 year experience, a flexible soul that allows it to move gracefully between tradition and innovation, and a smart suit made of tightly woven precision and design.

MaxDivani still has lots to tell, so we invite you to make yourself comfortable – after all, it’s what they do best!