I had been looking for dining room chairs for three weeks, and was having a difficult time finding my style of furniture in the Louisville area. I almost bought something online, but most items were not refundable and I did not really want to make a purchase if I did not have the opportunity to see if the furniture fit in my home if I could not return it. I was in the market for Mid-Century Modern dining room chairs and was referred to this store from another local furniture store which did not carry the style of furniture I was seeking. This is THE PLACE TO GO FOR CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE IN LOUISVILLE!! The store was immaculate, well organized, a simple, yet thoughtful layout. It was easy to see most everything from any angle within the store, which is different than some other furniture stores with high halls to separate areas. The aesthetic was very pleasing. Todd assisted me in my search for dining room chairs and was very patient, showed me a broad selection from which to choose, and advised me of the different varieties of textiles available. Since I was unsure if the chair I did select would go well in my home, I purchased only one chair and he offered to place the other three chairs on hold for me if I chose to come back and purchase. After I purchased my chair, I mentioned my next item to purchase was a desk and then Todd proceeded to show me all types of desk options available, which was extremely helpful. He showed me how almost every desk is customizable, with many variations, and with my specific needs, I know I will be able to find what I am looking for in this store. I felt Todd was the perfect mixture of knowledge, professional, and helpful. I never once felt pressured into purchasing anything. I will be returning to purchase the other three dining room chairs, and when I am ready to purchase a new desk, it will be from Contemporary Galleries.