I have been a customer since the store opened and have purchased everything from a bedroom set to a floor rug to a framed picture. I have been thrilled with every item. Most recently, I contacted the store as I needed some repairs done to a few of my 10 plus year old furniture items. My tall bureau had become shaky, my 6 drawer clothes bureau had 3 drawers that needed new rollers and my other clothes bureau had a broken drawer ( my fault due to far too many jeans and a cat in one drawer). The furniture still looked new so I did not want to replace it. I spoke with Bob, the manager, to advise of above mentioned issues. He was very friendly, immediately worked/coordinated a plan with warehouse mgr Steve to have his team come to my home to make the repairs. The terms of the service cost were openly disclosed to me. Bob was clear that his most important factor was my 100% satisfaction with the end result of the service I received and the quality of the repairs done. I was told within the hour of the time the team would arrive at my home to make the repairs. I received a call exactly at the earliest part of that time frame from the team to advise me they were on their way. A few minutes later they arrived, Kyle and Sham. They were very professional, courteous young men who reviewed their work sheet with me to ensure all repairs were captured ( which they were). They immediately went to work. They worked as a team, they explained what they were doing as they made the repairs. They worked quickly but thoroughly. They made sure I was pleased with each repair before they moved on to the next item. They fixed everything within an hour except for one broken drawer as it had to go to the warehouse for a new piece(as mentioned above, my fault for overloading it). The other drawer that could not be totally repaired as it was missing a screw. Upon arranging another date with Steve (the excellent warehouse mgr), Kyle and Sham returned with my now repaired drawer as well as the missing screw for my other clothes drawer. Once again, they showed up as scheduled, were polite and quick. There was no charge for this follow up visit. I normally don’t write reviews. However, I was so overwhelmed with the 5 star service from this company, from the manager to the team that fixed the furniture, it is a pleasure to share my experience. I will continue to be loyal to CG. It will soon be time for a new couch. I don’t shop around. I know where to go. 20 plus years of 100% satisfaction with a company is rare. I am grateful that Louisville has Contemporary Galleries. A very ethical company who truly puts the customer first. Thanks to all of you! Amy Durham.